Sri Lanka sunset photo
Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Animals in Sri Lanka

A tremendous variety of species makes Sri Lanka so very interesting for all those, who like to watch some interesting animals during their holidays.

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Animals in Sri Lanka

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photo Caterpillar in Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka
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Caterpillar Sri Lanka

Such funky Caterpillars are highly entertaining and that one has been made one of stars inside the Turtle Funk movie.

photo Bats in Sri Lanka
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Bats in Sri Lanka

Bats are all over Sri Lanka in large amounts and in king size versions, like those that are flying out in clouds at night in particular over the Mahavelli River valley in Kandy.

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photo Dragon Lizard Sri Lanka

Dragon Lizard

Many types of geckos and lizards are scattered around all areas and some of them are making funny sounds at night.


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