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Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Snakes in Sri Lanka

All around Sri Lanka snakes are extremely frequent as they feel well wherever there is some green space to hide and hunt.

Basically they are programmed to just two behaviors that makes them move.

The prime one is finding food under which everything falls that moves and what they consider as not too big for their huge mouths that can be widely extended to consume even a whole dog or pig.

The second behavior is dedicated to enemies and intruders such as human beings whenever they disturb their routines and territory.

Sometimes it is so easy to just step on them and some Cobras even like to crawl into houses.

Snakes may even ust just fall down from a tree when being disturbed by some monkeys and may land right next to you.

That's why being ready tomeet a snake seems to be a vital attitude wherever there is any green around.

But also 15 types of Sea snakes need to be considered whenever having a swim in the ocean.

That's why year by year the treatment costs of snake bites are a huge burden within the health care cost of Sri Lanka and the most venomous and lethal snakes are the Cobra, the Common Krait, the Ceylon Krait, Russell’s viper, the Saw scaled viper, the Hump nosed viper and the Green pit viper.

An impressive Sri Lankan snake photos collection comes from Ruchira Samowar at the great Kandyan Peredenya University.

photo Python Snakes in Sri Lanka
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Python Snake in Sri Lanka

Python Snakes are easy to tame as long as they have enough to eat and don't classify their owner as an enemy.

photo viper in Sri Lanka
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Viper in Sri Lanka

Gardeners are having a very risky job in Sri Lanka and watching out for such vipers is absolutely vital for them.

photo Rat Snake in Sri Lanka

Rat Snake in Sri Lanka

The Rat Snakes can grow as long as 3 meters, but they are fairly harmless and not venomous.

Nevertheless, bites from rat snakes can be pretty painful.


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