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Some residential housing style can not be compared to western standards though some nice ocean views should encourage owners and tenants to make more out of such interesting locations.

Apartment rents inside the Pinnacle Plaza had gone as high as around $1.200 right after the Tsunami when NGO executives had started to look around for a lot of fancy accommodations.

Pinnacle Plaza, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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Pinnacle Plaza Colombo

The view from the Pinnacle Plaza is nice and it only takes a few minutes to walk down to the sea or to the big Majestic City Shopping center.

The apartments inside the Pinnacle Plaza are very modern and comfortable, but for $1.200 some way more fancy houses could have been rented elsewhere for herds of International NGO executives, that were rushing for Sri Lanka right after the Tsunami.

photo Apartment building in Colombo
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Apartments in Colombo

Such apartments are significantly cheaper with reduced security and with some usually much higher noise levels, that are so very typical for the most parts of Sri Lanka.

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