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Internet had been an issue some time ago in Hikkaduwa and some Internet Cafes had succeeded and made a killing from tourists by charging enormous rates.

Also some Hotels and Guest Houses were overcharging and exploiting their visitors, what must have done some serious damage to the still overall dismal return rate, which is one of the lowest in Asia and in the rest of the world.

In 2014 International Tourism had counted another all-time record with 1.1 billion Tourists traveling the world.


Hikkaduwa Internet Cafe
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Hikkaduwa Internet Cafe

In Hikkaduwa and everywhere an adsl line did not cost more than $35 at the Sri Lankan Telecom what has helped some smart Internet cafes to make some thousands of dollars from reselling several computers at $2 per hour to hundreds of tourists.

Hikkaduwa Diving in Sri Lanka
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Hikkaduwa Diving

Diving has emerged as another lucrative business for Hikkaduwa operators.


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