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Kandy Sri Lanka

A Kandy Tour
Food Market

After that a stroll over the Kandy market is showing the real Sri Lanka with it's sound and smell, which both can be very intense.

The best time to visit the market is in the morning hours before the midday heat and the traffic smog may spoil the pleasure.

Obviously the markets in Sri Lanka would not make it by any Western, Thai or even Khmer standards, but it is fun to see the speed and the overall action.

And despite a complete lack of any hygienic standards it is pretty easy and safe to find enough tasty and fresh vegetables, which a good cook can convert into exciting meals.

photo Kandy Market in Sri Lanka

Kandy Market

However, the lively Kandy market is certainly a must see, as it reflects the local Sri Lankan lifestyle and feeling in each and every little aspect and the atmosphere is industrious, but still harmonious and peaceful at the same time.

photo from the Kandy Market in Sri Lanka
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Kandy Market

Apparently smoking cigarettes is very popular on the Kandy market.

photo Kandy Market
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Kandy Market

The merchants are all very friendly, fast and capable enough to come up with all kinds of vegetables that are required for creating loads of delicious Asian meals.

In fact the market folks seem to be the hardest working people in Sri Lanka and it is of course a great fun to explore this colorful and essential part of the local life in Kandy town.


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