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A Kandy Tour

Significant for Kandy Town is the very sticky daytime traffic, which is causing some serious pollution with a heavy smog, that makes staying the valley very unpleasant.

Countless of such noisy stinking buses are surrounding the Kandy market area, what is driving the pollution extremely high and what makes the air becomes utterly toxic.

In particular buses and lorries are a solid threat to health, caused by cheapest petrol and poorly adjusted engines, so that face masks like seen in Tokyo, Bangkok or Phnom Penh could become a flourishing business in Kandy and in Colombo as well.

Especially the drivers of the most popular Three Wheelers suffer from constant intoxication more the everyone else, as they have to cruise in this smog all day long.

Also accidents are frequent, in particular on the so called Highways, where drunk drivers are some of the most frequent reasons.

photo Bus at Kandy Food Market in Sri Lanka

Bus at Kandy Food Market

Kandy Market Sri Lanka
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Kandy Traffic

And those vegetables, that the street merchants are offering right on the on the ground must be rated as highly toxic due to the consistent showers of dark and smelly exhaust fumes every few seconds.

photo Kandy traffic smog
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Kandy traffic smog


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