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Kandy Sri Lanka

A Kandy tour

The Kandy railway station is not very big and can be compared with Galle.

Age, filth and and some litter may remind of those good old empire days, but it is not too bad at all unless there is no desire to use a washroom of a certain International standard.

Also the Kandy prison has not been reported as a convenient hangout and all of these venues are making the center of Kandy town together with the market, the Lake and the Maligawa Temple.

photo Kandy Railway Station in Sri Lanka

Kandy Railway Station

Arriving late at the Kandy Railway station can be really bad, when there is no private taxi or Tuk Tuk waiting.

Kandy Prison in Sri Lanka
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Kandy Prison

The Kandy Prison is large and police officers were saying, that it is not a nice place to be.

photo from a Kandy elephant in Sri Lanka
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Kandy Elephant

Such big Elephants are a regular part of the urban traffic in the Kandy area and they seem to be some very reliable participants. Certainly it puts a smile on your face when driving in Kandy and seeing yourself in the same traffic together with these mighty elephants.


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