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A Kandy tour

The sometimes extremely busy Peredenya Road can be fully jammed and it might take ages to get out of Kandy during peak time traffic.

Peredeniya Road leads in fact to Colombo and during rush hour it is often nothing but a stop and go.

Frequently and mainly between 10 am and 6 PM the center of Kandy is completely filled by buses, lorries and all kinds of vehicles, so that only Three Wheelers can offer a certain level mobility.

Túk-túk riding is basically affordable, but of course all drivers love to bargain with foreign passengers.

Around 100 rupees per mile is a usual rate for locals depending on time and road conditions.

Many túk-túk drivers try to charge as much as they can, and also love to suggest unnecessary detours. In addition they differentiate between local and foreign rates.

But being fair, one has to say that there are absolutely loyal and honest tuk drivers out there in Kandy, who are doing their jobs diligently and deserve the very best ratings.

Peredenya Road in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Peredenya Road

Tuk Tuk in Kandy, Sri Lanka
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Tuk Tuk in Kandy

Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka
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Tuk Tuk in Kandy


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