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Advertising in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Advertising

Many of such creative advertising boards can be admired all over the Island and certainly a lot of that in Colombo.

At the same time Internet marketing doesn't seem to be ready in Sri Lanka until all hotels and guest houses will be smart enough to learn from for example the Thais, how many bookings can get generated over the Internet.

Even the Chinese tourism market has now fully flooded into Thailand thanks to some highly efficient marketing by the Thai government, which also had to overcome the negative sides of the recent military coup.

photo Advertising in Colombo, Sri Lanka
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Kandy RoadAdvertising

On Kandy Road and on Galle Road a significant amount of such colorful advertising boards have been installed, what shows, that the Sri Lankan industries are smart enough to promote their products and offerings.

photo Advertising in Sri Lanka
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Advertising in Sri Lanka

Setting up such an advertising board looks surely nice and Sri Lanka is full of such campaigns while Internet marketing has not yet been fully explored.


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