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Advertising in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Advertising

is great fun to explore as advertising agencies in Colombo are extremely creative by coming up with some great advertisements in Sri Lanka.

Their overall creativity is incredible and especially many of such big boards can be very entertaining as well as many Sri Lankan models are truly beautiful.

Also many Internet agencies have come up with some fine websites, which primarily promote advertisements of the tourism and garnment industries.

Meanwhile also many government campaigns are providing work for creative advertising agencies, which enjoy to support the progress of Sri Lanka.

Internet TV advertising

Soon will be offering a complete range of Internet TV advertising formats in which hotels and guest houses can present themselves to an International audience on video.

Video and Internet TV are the future of modern advertising as they are the new "Global TV". Except for China and some Arab countries all relevant tourism target groups can be reached over youtube before they will make a booking or reservation at a Sri Lankan hotel.

And that's why videos and Internet TV are having a global range to promote a hotel or resort to exactly those, who are searching for a hotel in Sri Lanka or just gathering information about potential destinations.

photo advertisements in Sri Lanka
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Colombo Advertising

Western models are very popular within the Sri Lankan advertising industry.

photo Advertising in Sri Lanka
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Advertising in Sri Lanka

Such great advertising boards can be found all over Sri Lanka.


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