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Cars in Sri Lanka

Traffic and Cars in Sri Lanka

Importing cars into Sri Lanka is not cheap at all, what is caused by high duty and massive import taxes.

That's why even oldest tenth hand cars with unknown mileage are very expensive.

So far most cars are imported from Japan while the Indian giant TATA rules, when it comes to buses and lorries.

photo Morris Minor in Sri Lanka

Old timer car in Galle

Such vintage old-timer cars can be found all around Sri Lanka and collectors from all over the world might be surprised, what type of antique cars are still on the road.


Morris Minor, Banderawella, Sri Lanka

Morris Minor in Banderawella

Even some good old Morris Minors can still be found around the Sri Lankan cities due to the extremely high prices of new cars.

photo Cows on Colombo Road in Sri Lanka

Cows on Colombo Road

Around Southern Asia not only the Sri Lankans have a big heart for cows, what has earned them the permission to be a part of the traffic even in the capital Colombo.

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