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Presents in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka presents

Obviously presents have a large meaning in particular for females, who live in Sri Lanka and also among all those, who come for a visit.

For both of them Colombo does offer it's best shopping at the Odel building while other popular shopping options are the Liberty Plaza or the Majestic.

In addition Unawatuna is a great place for holidays and for buying nice presents such as original gifts and souvenirs at some of those wonderful stores in Galle.

Of course, the shopping experience is different to Europe and to other parts of Asia, but certainly it is good fun to explore some of these colorful gift shops in Sri Lanka, which reflect the general achievements of the country.

photo Presents from Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
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Unawatuna presents

Such highly impressive wooden presents are one of the trademarks of world famous Unawatuna, where many hours are spent on each of these carvings.

photo caps in Sri Lanka
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Presents in Sri Lanka

Many Sri Lankan males enjoy wearing something on their head and probably Cricket has done a lot by boosting that industry.

That's perhaps why sports caps are usually a lasting present when it comes to pot a smile on a Sri Lankan man's face.

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