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Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, where religion and local tradition seem to have a very large impact on nightlife and entertainment, which have both remained very limited in Sri Lanka and only a few of the night clubs in Colombo are seeing some local females as guests.

H2O is the place for the young girls and boys while the Blue Elephant inside the Hilton has emerged as the most preferred venue for politicians and business men.

Mojo is another name when it comes to nightlife in Sri Lanka, but besides that it is mainly the Karaoke Bars and , that have become popular, where in particular a lot of open minded Chinese an Russian girls are getting rated as a main attraction.

A real classic venue for going out in fancy Colombo 7 is Clancy's Irish Pub, which has built it's fine reputation over many years.

Meanwhile the once highly rated R & B on Duplication Road has received some negative reviews on Tripadvisor, which seems to characterize some of the general risks when going out in Sri Lanka.

Going out in Sri Lanka

In a way the nightlife in Sri Lanka has only been ideal for gay tourists, who had started to live on the Island many years ago after Arthur C. Clark had made it his private paradise when he was a part of the Jimmy Saville BBC gang, which was primarily interested in indecent relations with young boys.

In those years they had promoted Sri Lanka as an El Dorado for wealthy Britons where some parents were selling their kids to these perpetrators.

At the same time all those, who might have been interested in meeting regular Sri Lankan ladies, or even prostitutes were having an extremely hard time on the Island.

According to tradition women have to please their parents and brothers first until they get married and going out on their own for dating men is still absolutely impossible in wider parts of Sri Lanka.

Before marriage only very few Sri Lankan women have a right to decide about their own life and somehow, they are fairly forced to spend evenings at home with the family, what does remind of Muslim tradition or ancient Western thinking and morals.

Until today some Sri Lankan women are not even allowed to select a job or profession of their own choice and it might take a few generations until all of them will have a free life like in Western countries or like the Sri Lankan males do enjoy when going out to Clubs and Bars.

These are pretty much the reasons, why Sri Lankan girls are so very rare at nightlife venues around Sri Lanka as they also have to avoid becoming a part of the local gossip with a society, that expects them to preserve their virginity until marriage.

Nevertheless, there is now a growing amount of young and emancipated Sri Lanka females with high class jobs, travel experience and other strong assets that make them free and independent.

It is a great pleasure to meet them and to see, that positive changes are happening.


photo from Unawatuna Diving Center in Sri Lanka

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Diving Center in Unawatuna

Unawatuna Beach with it's various bars and Beach Clubs has become the dream spot also for many Sri Lankan males, who come there with the hope of meeting some open minded Western or Japanese girls.

Beach Discos are famous in Sri Lanka

Very proud about his incredible success is Summit and his team at the famous Diving Center on Unawatuna Beach, where also the Kingfisher, Thilaks's wonderful Lucky Tuna and the big Happy Banana have become heavily frequented meeting spots for Western girls and Sri Lankan men.

Unfortunately Western male tourists, who are looking out for Western girls need to be aware, that some of the local beach boys see them as "competition" and that their behavior is not always friendly, to say the least.

Obviously all Club operators do not like any such disputes, as they want Westerners to feel safe and comfortable at their entertainment venues.

photo from Coral the Rock Disco in Hikkaduwa

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Coral Rock Disco Hikkaduwa

The same situation applies to Hikkaduwa, where the Beach Clubs are much bigger than in Unawatuna.

Find out more about Unawatuna

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