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Such beach front property is still available in Southern Sri Lanka, but the law was changed a short while ago and now foreigners are no longer allowed to buy land.

Obviously there are loopholes like pretty much everywhere in South Asia, but certainly the easy days foe International investors have been brought to an end.

Renting a property

Rents are still fairly affordable in Sri Lanka with around $300 to $800 for a decent house in a good location.

Budget travelers even may find hotel rooms for as little as $15 per night while during the season between December and April prices can be much higher.

Sri Lanka also offers finest luxury hotels starting at $60 to $150 per night though one has to watch out for some real robbery rates and also some great bargains.

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Sri Lanka prides a large furniture and design industry.

photo Beach front property in Sri Lanka
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Beach front property Sri Lanka

There are loads of investment opportunities in the East and in the South of Sri Lanka though one has to have the right local partners and assistance for any type of projects, since many foreign investors have ended up in total misery after rip off and fraud.

photo Pool Villa in Sri Lanka
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Pool Villa in Sri Lanka

Such Pool Villas have remained affordable in Sri Lanka.

photo House in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka House

Buying such a small beach front house in Sri Lanka can make some people feel very happy unless there is no fear of another Tsunami.

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