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Perehara in Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Kandy Perehara

A very intense atmosphere is created by the absence of most electric light and making good pictures is not easy at all without any camera light and flash photography prohibited as that could irritate one of the Perehara Elephants.

The Kandy Perehara videos

photo Perehara in Kandy

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photo Kandy Perehara Elephants
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Perehara Elephant

Right next to Food City the sound of the Perehara drummers is reaching full volume.

photo Kandy Perehara drummers
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Kandy Perehara drummers

And so much work and practice has gone into the Perehara performance.

photo Kandy Perehara drummers

Kandy Perehara drummers

For many participants it must be hard work walking all around Kandy for 10 nights in a row.


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