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Perehara in Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Perehara Fire dancers

Since ages the citizens of Kandy have taken the lead when it comes to arranging the biggest Perehara in Sri Lanka and what is now one of Kandy's biggest prides.

That's why so many Kandyans are actively participating in the ceremony as dancers or musicians, what requires weeks of practice and some serious commitment to make it such a success.

Other Pereharas, for example the one in Hikkaduwa do not even come near the Kandy Perehara it in terms of size and intensity, though they are still some nice events for the Southerners and their beach tourists.

photo Perehara in Kandy

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photo Kandy
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Perehara Fire Dancers

Incredible skills are shown by these Fire Dancers while moving forward on these high stilts.

photo Kandy Perehara dancer
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Kandy Perehara dancer

A lot of artistic talent is shown by the Perehara dancers and musicians.

photo Kandy Perehara dancers
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Perehara dancers

The Perehara dancers and musicians stand stand for some incredible sound.


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