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Perehara in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Perehara Elephants in Kandy

The Perehara Elephants in Kandy are very exceptional when it comes to grace and patience as shown during these 10 impressive nights each and every year.

Kandy Perehara elephant
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Kandy Perehara Elephant

One of the highlight moments for all Perehara visitors is the arrival of the tallest elephant with a small shrine, that contains a Lord Buddha statue.

photo Kandy Perehara Elephants
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Perehara Elephants

Always impressive to see such tall elephants in Kandy during the long Perehara festival.

Kandy Perehara Elephants

Kandy Perehara

During the Perehara an extremely industrious Police is having a very close look at all the Tuk-Tuk drivers when attempting to enforce a total ban of soft and hard liquor.

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