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Perehara in Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Kandy Perehara

Many Pereharas in Kandy would not have been possible without the protection of these brave Sri Lankan soldiers, who had been around in large amounts during the Festival.

Kandy Perehara Soldier
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Perehara Soldier in Kandy

In Kandy the Army and the Police were working hand in hand to establish a high level of security and a good feeling among the Perehara visitors.

photo Perehara Buddha statue
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Maligawa and Kandy Lake

And that's how the Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple looks during a late Perehara afternoon.

photo Kandy Lake during the Perehara

Perehara Kandy Lake

And what a lovely view on the Kandy Lake, the Perehara and the Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple late in the evening when the ceremony is in full swing.


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