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Sri Lanka Girls

Being on TV or a Fashion Model

is one of the biggest dreams that girls in Sri Lanka seem to have.

Perhaps working for Sri Lankan airlines might be an alternative desire, but hurdles are plenty and often even the family would not like to see that happen.

Sri Lanka Fashion Model

Sri Lanka Models

Many Sri Lankan girls feel attracted by the profession of being a popular Fashion model.

photo Sri Lanka Model
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Sri Lanka Models

But unfortunately there are not that many Fashion Shows available in Sri Lanka, where most of the business is located in Colombo.

So have a look at some impressive young fashion designers from Sri Lanka, who had arranged a fashion show with new upcoming Asian Hip Hop artists at the Mahavelli Reach Hotel in Kandy.

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photo Sri Lanka Model

Sri Lanka Models

Sometimes Kandy prides Fashion Shows like shown on these pictures from the famous Mahavelli Reach Hotel.

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