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Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle Fort

The Rampart Restaurant is the place to be for nice lunches and dinners in case a lovely sea breeze and a fine view on the ocean are preferred.

Vesak in Galle

Vesak in Galle, Sri Lanka

Every year the Vesak Festival brings great fun to all the Galle citizens.

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Galle Fort Rampart Restaurant
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Galle Fort Rampart Restaurant

Up at the Galle Fort visitors and local people are enjoying a beautiful view over the city, the Cricket stadium and the Indian Ocean.

Galle Fort in Sri Lanka
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Galle Fort Sri Lanka

Always nice to have a lunch at the the Rampart restaurant.

Galle Fort Art Gallery

Galle Fort Arts and Crafts

The Galle Fort has also become a center for Sri Lankan arts and crafts and several exhibitions are hosted throughout the year.


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