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Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle shopping

Overall Galle shopping seems to be a bit limited compared to Colombo, but people get by and most items can be found.

However, the prices have gone very high in recent years and meanwhile some of them can be compared with Europe and Northern Asia.

Vesak in Galle

photo Vesak in Galle, Sri Lanka

Each year the Vesak Festival brings loads of fun to the Galle citizens.

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photo Fruit shopping in Galle, Sri Lanka
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Fruit shopping in Galle

Fresh fruit is not rare in Galle, but the prices have gone up drastically in recent years.

Galle Bus in Sri Lanka
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Tuk Tuk shopping in Galle

Such Tuk Tuks are all over town and also at the market they are waiting for new passengers. In fact, the Tuk Tuk drivers prefer tourists, from whom they can demand a higher price than from the local Galle citizens.

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