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Temples in Galle, Sri Lanka

Japanese Peace Pagoda

Galle prides an enpourmos variety of beautiful temples, shrines, pagodas and sacred venues, where many Sri Lankans love to seek peace.

Especially during the aftermath of the Tsunami the Japanese Peace Pagoda had attracted countless people, who were trying to get over what the ocean had done to them.

photo Japanese Peace Pagoda in Galle

Japanese Peace Pagoda Galle

Finest artwork makes the Peace Pagoda a unique experience and many Sri Lankan families come out to enjoy and explore the sacred spirit at the Japanese Temple.

Peace Pagoda view on Galle Bay
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Japanese Peace Pagoda

The design of the Japanese Peace Pagoda above the Bay of Galle is as beautiful as it's location, which is close to Unawatuna.

Japanese Peace Pagoda in Galle

Peace Pagoda Galle

The Peace Pagoda is located only a few minutes away from the center of Galle.


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