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Trains in Sri Lanka

The density of Railway stations in Sri Lanka is very sufficient as a result of former British engineering and planing.

But since then only very little has been done, although a better transportation system would be very beneficial in terms of environment protection and for the national oil bill.

So far upper and middle class Sri Lankans dread the trains and prefer small, but devastating mini busses that pollute the island at full speed as there is also no sufficient exhaust control in Sri Lanka.

Trains in Sri Lanka on video

Watch two "Common Sense Videos" with shots from train rides in Southern Sri Lanka and in Colombo.

Video 1 | Video 2

Photo from a train ride in Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Train rides

Many male passengers are used to hang outside on the train despite those bumpy rails, which of cause wagons to derail. Perhaps they enjoy some certain kicks, which might be similar to what Western kids are feeling when getting involved in train surfing.


photo train ride in Sri Lanka
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Train ride views

in particular the early morning hours are providing many exceptional views, which reveal the outstanding beauty of nature in many parts of of Sri Lanka.


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