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Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Tsunami 2004

Galle had suffered heavily from drifting debris, which was scattered all over the flat parts of town and unforgettable remain those unreal looking TV pictures, that were showing these big lorries and buses looking like small driftwood between the Cricket stadium and Food City.

The Tsunami videos

After the Tsunami Unawatuna and Galle were in a mess, as these videos with eyewitness interviews reveal.

Video 1 - Galle area
Video 2 - Matara Express
Video 3 - Galle and Unawatuna

Pre and post Tsunami videos

Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa had been looking so very nice only a few days before the Tsunami.

Watch the video

After the Tsunami the Surfcity guest house owner had talked about the recovery.

Watch the video

photo Tsunami in Galle

Galle after the Tsunami

Many car owners must have felt very sad after Christmas 2004.

photo Tsunami in Galle
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Tsunami in Galle

Car owners could have evacuated their vehicles by driving up the hill. But at 9 in the morning most of them had been asleep on that Christmas day, so that the amount of wrecks had been large.

Food City in Galle

photo food store after the Tsunami in Galle

Lucky were those, who had been able to buy drinking water and other basic supply at food city, where it was even hard to get in at times.





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