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Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Tsunami 2004

During the days after the Tsunami there had been not enough police or other security forces around and wildest rumors were spreading fast.

Certainly the amount of crime went explosive and even years after the Tsunami the authorities were investigating into many cases of cruelest crime.

The Tsunami videos

After the Tsunami Unawatuna and Galle had been in a sad state as these videos with also eyewitness interviews reveal.

Video 1 pictures from Galle
Video 2 see the Matara Express
Video 3 pictures Unawatuna

Pre and post Tsunami videos

Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa had been looking really good a few days before the Tsunami and many tourists were having a great time.

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After the Tsunami Surfcity guest house owner had talked about surfing and the recovery of Unawatuna.

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photo Unawatuna Roadblock

Unawatuna Roadblock

Unawatuna main road saw various groups that were stopping cars and pretty much everyone coming by.

photo Unawatuna Roadblock
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Unawatuna Roadblock

Interesting to see that stick which was used to block the road.

Tsunami in Galle

photo Unawatuna Beach

Never before Unawatuna beach and the water had turned so ugly and where only a few hours before thousands of happy tourists were celebrating a wonderful Christmas 2004, there was nothing left but trails of devastation and agony.




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