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Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Tsunami 2004

Galle had looked mainly all right, but the impact on the regional traffic situation in conjunction with supply, medical care and cleaning had been heavy and some state of panic and fear was seen in many faces.

Nevertheless, most of the Galle citizens had remained calm and toast and were helping each other.

The Tsunami videos

After the Tsunami Unawatuna and Galle had been in a very sad state as these videos with eyewitness interviews show.

Video 1 pictures from the Galle
Video 2 pictures from the Matara Express
Video 3 pictures from Galle and Unawatuna

Pre and post Tsunami videos

Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa were looking so nice only a few days before the Tsunami waves came.

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14 months after the Tsunami Surfcity guest house owner Imco had talked about the recovery of Unawatuna.

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photo Tsunami in Galle
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Army in Galle

On the second day after the Tsunami the Sri Lankan Army had shown up in Galle town to assist the local police with regulating a sticky the traffic.

photo Tsunami in Galle

Tsunami in Galle

Overall, the army did a great job in Galle by helping under most severe conditions.

Tsunami in Galle

Peacock Hotel in Unawatuna

The Galle citizens were in a state of shock and vividly discussing the biggest catastrophe in Sri Lankan history.





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