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Vesak Festival Sri Lanka
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Vesak in Galle

The big Vesak Festival in Galle is an absolute highlight for all Buddhist citizens, which makes everyone come out at night to enjoy the beautiful lights and the special atmosphere at all the great temples.

Vesak video from Galle

photo Vesak in Galle, Sri Lanka

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photo Vesak in Galle, Sri Lanka

Vesak night in Galle

Vesak is an annual Buddhist holiday, which is celebrated in many South Asian countries such as Nepal, Singapore and in Vietnam.

from the Vesak lights in Galle, Sri Lanka
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Galle Vesak lights

Very impressive are the beautiful lights and colorful lamps and lanterns all around Galle.

photo temple in Galle, Sri Lanka

Vesak in Galle

Certainly there is no shortage of nice temples in Galle.


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