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The Colombo Hilton is perfectly located next to the World Trade center and other useful venues in the heart of the city.

Obviously the Colombo Hilton feels like a peaceful oasis, from where it is very easy to connect anywhere as the Railway and Bus stations are not far at all.

Occasionally the Colombo Hilton offers some very special bargain rates, which can always be found right here on our Agoda reservation system.


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Colombo Hilton Sri Lanka

Colombo Hilton

The Hilton restaurants offers some very fine options for a tasty business lunch, which can be enjoyed as a perfect break during a busy day in noisy day in Colombo.

photo Colombo Hilton in Sri Lanka
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Colombo Hilton

The classic interior design and the superb kitchen and menus make it always a great pleasure to meet up at the Colombo Hilton for a lunch and dinner.


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