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Best Hotels in Kandy

The selection of superb Hotels in Kandy is impressive and and one simply has to decide whether to stay in the heart of town or staying a bit outside and closer to nature.

Apart from that, the beautiful Kandy mountains offer for example the Earl's Regency on the outskirts of the city, from where it is not for to the wonderful Victoria Golf Club in Digana.

Another recommended option would' have to be the impressive Mahavelli Reach Hotel right on the Mahavelli River.

Find more information inside a detailed introduction to Kandy.

Earl's Regency in Kandy

Earl's Regency in Kandy

The Earl's Regency Hotel in Kandy is hosting large wedding parties and it prides a fine Spa and a fitness center with Squash and Tennis courts.

photo Mahavelli Reach in Kandy, Sri Lanka
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Mahavelli Reach Hotel Kandy

The Mahavelli Reach in Kandy is located right on the Mahavelli river from where it offers some very scenic boat rides.

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