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Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Nilaveli Beach

Definitely worth the efforts is a tour to Trincomalee with the long and lovely Nilaveli Beach, which also prides a line of hotels.

Nilaveli Beach in Sri Lanka
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Nilaveli Beach

One of the longest and widest beaches in Sri Lanka is obviously the fairly shallow Nilaveli Beach, which makes swimming so very easy.

Waiter @ Nilaveli Beach Hotel
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Waiter Nilaveli Beach Hotel

The service quality at the Nilaveli Beach Hotel had not been the very best with such type of waiters, who were not accepting orders or performing like that.

Nilaveli Beach, Sri Lanka

Nilaveli Beach

Meanwhile Nilaveli Beach is seeing a few more visitors from around the world though the taxi ride from Colombo to Trincomalee may take a few hours and the room rates are some of the highest in South Asia.

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