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Snakes in Sri Lanka

Cobras in Sri Lanka

Some rate Sri Lanka as the country with the most casualties from snake bites in the world.

And obviously one has to say, that snakes are a part of the daily life and wherever there is some green around, there could be some snakes.

Some snakes including Cobras like to crawl into houses and nobody would be surprised about any such unwanted and often lethal intruders.

That's why visitors, who are new in Sri Lanka, should keep in mind, that panic is the very least one should show, when seeing a snake.

The more calm the reaction, the better will be the chances of getting away with just a nice and highly memorable adventure.

photo Cobra in Sri Lanka
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Cobra dance in Sri Lanka

In most parts of Sri Lanka such Cobras and many other snakes are absolutely frequent.

dancing Cobra in Sri Lanka
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Dancing Cobra in Sri Lanka

Dancing Cobras have managed to emerge as a main source of income for some families like those near the Golden Temple in Dambulla.

photo Cobra dance operator in Sri Lanka

Cobra Dance in Sri Lanka

It is said, that these Cobras ain't no longer dangerous once their teeth get broken out. Others say, that these Cobras are simply well fed and heavily drugged.


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