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Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo City

One of the most significant buildings in Colombo is the World Trade Center, which can be seen from many parts of the city.

Inside there are many offices and also several nice cafe shops, which are fine for a Western breakfast.

Hotels in Colombo

The Colombo Hilton is a highly recommended quality Hotel while Holiday Inn stands for best rates and good bargain offers.

Going out in Colombo

Well known in Colombo is the Blue Elephant Nightclub inside the Colombo Hilton, which is not very big, but many influential politicians and in particular their sons love to go there when seeking a bit of quality entertainment after a hard days work.

photo Colombo World Trade Center Colombo, Sri Lanka
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World Trade Center

A pride of Colombo has always been the World Trade Center, which was heavily guarded during the final years of the war.

photo Colombo City in Sri Lanka
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Colombo City

Colombo has a spacious layout with many different housing styles to be explored.


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