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Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy sunsets

According to legends the Kandy Dance was created by some Indian shamans, who had brought the dance to Kandy in order to heal the Kandyan King from an unknown illness.


Kandy Sunsets video

The sunsets in Kandy are often very spectacular above the Mahavelli River.

Kandy Sunset in Sri Lanka

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photo Kandy Sunset
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Kandy Sunset

Such magical sunsets can be enjoyed in the Kandy mountains especially during the later summer months right above the Mahavelli River.

photo Kandy Sunset in Sri Lanka
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Kandy Sunset

When blue skies turn red it is about time for millions of bats that are living at the Botanical Garden or alongside the Mahavelli River.

photo Kandy Sunset in Sri Lanka

Kandy sunset

Every evening presents a different painting created by nature, which makes us feel like living on top of the world when being surrounded by the sound of the crickets and palm trees.


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