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Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy sunsets

Kandy sunsets include the flight of the bats, which are absolutely countless.

In the daytime one can see them hanging up in the trees along the Mahavelli River or inside the beautiful Botanical Garden in Kandy.

Sunset video from Kandy

Above the Mahavelli River the sunsets in Kandy are truly dramatic.

Photo Kandy Sunset in Sri Lanka

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photo Kandy Sunset
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Kandy Sunset

And then the twilight makes all those thousands of bats come out and one may wonder, what they all will be eating tonight.

Kandy Sunset in Sri Lanka
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Kandy Sunset

When blue skies turn red it is about time for thousands of hungry bats.

Kandy Sunset in Sri Lanka

Kandy sunset

And then the flight of the bats becomes incredibly spectacular above the Mahavelli River.


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