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Kandy Sri Lanka

A Kandy Tour

The best start for a city tour is most obviously a short Tuk Tuk ride up to the big white Buddha temple in order to enjoy a great view over the impressive Kandy town valley.

Overlooking the heart of Sri Lanka`s second biggest city is likely to trigger a first special affinity for Kandy with around 100.000 citizens.

Up at the big white Buddha temple a small donation to the monks usually earn visitors a friendly prayer and a thin white ribbon for wearing it around a wrist to ensure good luck during the stay in Sri Lanka.

So, welcome to sacred Kandy ...


photo View on Kandy, Sri Lanka

View on Kandy

On such a sunny day the view on the green Kandy valley can be absolutely stunning.

photo from the white Kandy Buddha statue in Sri Lanka
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Big white Buddha statue

One Kandy Dance venue is right next to the lake and the bigger one where this video was taken is a bit more up on the hill with a famous gambling venue right next door.

photo white Kandy Buddha statue
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White Kandy Buddha statue

The Kandy citizens are enjoying to look up at one of the finest Buddha statues in Sri Lanka each and every day from all around town.


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