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Kandy River Boat tour

The Riverdale residence

This area up on the hill had been close to Riverdale Road in Aniwatta, where the small villa right next to the big one was renamed into The Riverdale residence, which became at least for a year and a half the HQ of, where amazing sunsets and views on the river and the jungle were filmed.

Cobras, monkeys and giant wild pigs were regular guests such as king size hornets, spiders and plenty other home seeking wildlife, what had made it so interesting to live in beautiful Aniwatta.

The Riverdale sunsets

Kandy Sunset in Sri Lanka

Spectacular in Sri Lanka are the sunsets above the Mahavelli River. Watch the video and the see the photos.

photo Mahavelli River Tour in Sri Lanka
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The Riverdale residence

Mahavelli River Tour in Sri Lanka
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Mahavelli River View

photo Mahavelli River Tour

Mahavelli River Tour


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