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Kandy River Boat tour

Mahavelli River views

Overlooking the Kandy mountains and absorbing an exciting climate with misty mornings, tremendous sunsets and massive wildlife had been a wonderful experience and living above the Mahavelli river can be highly recommended.

The Riverdale sunsets

Kandy sunset photo

Spectacular in Sri Lanka are the sunsets above the Mahavelli River. Watch the video

photo Mahavelli River Tour in Sri Lanka
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The Riverdale residence

After the Tsunami the Riverdale residence had been the perfect place for starting the webcast about the aftermath of the catastrophe and for the initial launch of

photo Mahavelli River Tour in Sri Lanka
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Mahavelli River Tour

The Mahavelli River Boat tour is also giving some nice views on Katugostate, which is a part of the Kandy area.

photo bats at the Mahavelli River

Mahavelli River Tour

The River Boat tour also reveals where those thousands of bats are resting during the dau befor they start their famous flight during the twilight hours over the river valley.


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