Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka
Food in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Food

Healthy food in Sri Lanka consists out of a large variety of vegetables, sea food, chicken and in fact, many tasty meals.

Rice and Curry is certainly the No.1 dish and it is great fun, to explore all the different flavors and styles, that are making the food in Sri Lanka so very interesting and healthy.

How to eat at a dinner table

Most Sri Lankan people prefer to eat with their fingers and only a minority is able to handle cutlery.

Sri Lankan people say, that using their fingers is better for "mixing" the food as well as they refer to their long tradition saying, that the taste is much better when avoiding cutlery.

Of course there are also some Sri Lankans, who know how to handle cutlery well and in particular inside good restaurants table manners may come close to international standards.

Very special is certainly the Ayurveda Concept, which is great to improve the health of body and mind with sophisticated nutrition, massage and other old therapies.


Here's a special introduction from a famous Ayurveda doctor in Sri Lanka.
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How to eat in Sri Lanka

Finest Sri Lankan table manners are shown by these two Sri Lankan ladies.

photo Roti in Sri Lanka
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Egg Roti with Chicken Curry

Another very popular Sri Lankan meal is the egg Roti with a spicy bite of chicken or fish inside the curry sauce.

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