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Relationships in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Love and Dating

Arranged marriages are still frequent and girls get married from 18 onwards.

Sometimes they do not even know their future husband, so that happiness is not always guaranteed.

That´s why a big wedding industry and massive family involvement are usually the case when a couple finds a way to share a life.

Nothing is more complicated in Sri Lanka than love, dating and wedding.

First come parents, then neighbors, then the rest of the family. And if all agree, a relationship might get accepted.

Of course, this is not everywhere the case, but obviously true love and wild passion have a hard standing in Sri Lanka.

But once the wedding bell rings, a whole industry is ready to celebrate the most important moment in the life of a Sri Lankan lady.

Dating in Sri Lanka
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Dating and Wedding in Sri Lanka

Dating as shown here at the Kandy Lake can be very difficult as Kandyan girls tend to be a little bit shy.

Sri Lanka Love in Galle
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Dating in Galle

So no surprise, that many Sri Lankan males feel delighted about fun seeking Western females, who are coming to visit the Southern beaches and the local boys.

Also more and more Sri Lankan girls and men have started to seek a bit of fun on the Internet.

photo Sri Lanka Love in Galle

Sri Lanka Love

Dating inside the amazing Galle Fort looks very romantic and couples from all ethnic groups can be seen on such sunny afternoons.

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