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Internet cafes

Internet via GPRS was a fine achievement led by Malaysian operator Dialogue GSM. But still very popular in Sri Lanka are the Internet Cafes thanks to gaming, which has become very popular among the youth.

Also the government is trying to expand the Internet industry in Sri Lanka with several big projects on the way.

Internet at Hotels

Already back in the days some caution had been highly recommended at several hotels, where IT operators were trying to charge up to 20 U.S. Dollar for one hour of surfing.

Internet Cafe in Kandy, Sri Lanka
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Internet Cafes in Kandy

SLT Internet in Kandy in Sri Lanka
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SLT Internet in Kandy

Back in 2004 Kandy had received it's very first and of course very expensive ADSL lines and nice folks at SLT were working hard to keep the lines steady.

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