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Galle Fort

Galle is one of the biggest cities in Sri Lanka, where the famous Galle Fort is classified as a world heritage location.

Vesak in Galle

Vesak in Galle, Sri Lanka

Every year the lovely Vesak Festival is bringing great fun to all the Galle citizens and the entire region.

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Cricket Stadium in Galle, Sri Lanka
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Galle Fort

Up at the Galle Fort visitors and local people are enjoying a beautiful view over the city, the Cricket stadium and the Indian Ocean.

Galle Fort in Sri Lanka
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Galle Fort Sri Lanka

Loads of history has been written behind these walls when the Dutch, Portuguese and British traders had brought their contributions to old Ceylon.

Galle Fort Fashion Store

Galle Fort Shoba Fashion Store

Galle Fort is the home of many nice fashion stores, restaurants, offices and also some residential space, though the rents and prices have already been sky rocketing since a few years.


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