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Trains in Sri Lanka

In 2010 the Sri Lankan government had given orders to modernize the railway system, which would truly help to improve the economy and the life of the Sri Lankan citizens.

Trains in Sri Lanka on video

Watch two "Common Sense Videos" with shots from train rides in Southern Sri Lanka and in Colombo.

Video 1 | Video 2

Train ride photo from Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Train rides

Going up into the Kandy mountains the train are getting slower and slower, just at the right time when the views over the valley become absolutely stunning, in particular when sitting on the left side of the saloon carriage that leaves the Colombo Fort Railway station at 5.30 p.m.

Ticket reservations are highly recommended due to the fact, that there are only some 20 seats available.

Castle Rock Sri Lanka
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Castle Rock in Sri Lanka

Seeing the famous Castle Rock is always a nice feel as it means that Kandy is not that far any more and of course one has to be lucky and fast to catch a photo shot like that one.


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