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Trains in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is using the slogan "A land like no other" to promote it's tourism, and most certainly one may call the Sri Lankan railway system "Some trains like no other".

But unfortunately things have changed since China has been using the country as a dumping place for outdated inner city carriages with truly uncomfortable plastic seats and no toilets.

Scenic Train rides in Sri Lanka

There are some wonderful train rides in Sri Lanka such as coming down to Colombo with the extremely slow 5.00 a.m. train from Kandy, which stops at every small settlement until it reaches Galle at around early lunch time before heading for it's turning point in Matara, from where it is returning back and reaching Kandy at an estimated 9 p.m.

But only, if there is no locomotive breaking down or any other unforeseen event, that even may cause a full stop.

Trains in Sri Lanka on video

Watch two "Common Sense Videos" with shots from train rides in Southern Sri Lanka and in Colombo.

Video 1| Video 2

Photo from a train ride in Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Train rides

In fact, the old run down old carriages were much more comfortable and charming than these fairly new Chinese donations, that don't really match the needs of long distance travelers who like to enjoy such wonderful old ancient colonial seats that we all love to see in the old movies.

train ride in Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka train rides

Such an early morning wash in some jungle river is not a rare variation of the real Sri Lankan life style in the country side.


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