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Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Tsunami 2004

Some holiday makers were having their early morning swim while other guests were enjoying their breakfast right on Unawatuna beach, when suddenly all animals were leaving the area and the water level had started to go up and up and up ....

The Tsunami videos

After the Tsunami Unawatuna and Galle had been in a sad state as these videos with also eyewitness interviews reveal.

Video 1 pictures from Galle
Video 2 see the Matara Express
Video 3 pictures from Unawatuna

Pre and post Tsunami videos

Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa had been looking really good a few days before the Tsunami and many tourists were having a great time.

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14 months after the Tsunami Surfcity guest house owner Imco had talked about the recovery of Unawatuna.

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photo Tsunami in Unawatuna Galle

Tsunami in Unawatuna Galle

It had been a last wall standing from that small building while the entire Peacock hotel had gotten completely flattened.

Peacock Hotel in Unawatuna
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Peacock Hotel in Unawatuna

What a fine Christmas vibe had it been on Unawatuna beach with loads of nice parties all around and everyone in a perfect spirit for a great festive season like at the Peacock Hotel.

Peacock after the Tsunami

photo Peacock Hotel in Unawatuna

After the Tsunami flood not only the beach had looked sad. Also wider parts along Galle Road had been a trail of horror with the smell of death all over while the Peacock Hotel had simply vanished.



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