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Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Tsunami 2004

The Tsunami had pounded with full force into the wide open and usually very beautiful Bay of Galle, where locals from the entire region and tourists tend to mingle well during shopping and dining.

Biggest buses and lorries were floating around the central bus station in front of Food City like small toys while coastal Sri Lanka was receiving the shock of a lifetime ending with the loss of over 30.000 citizens within only a few minutes.

After the disaster bicycles had become very popular due a shortage of fuel and due to the fact, that so many cars had been destroyed by the Tsunami.

The Tsunami videos

After the Tsunami Unawatuna and Galle had been in a sad state as these videos with also eyewitness interviews reveal.

Video 1 pictures from Galle
Video 2 see the Matara Express
Video 3 pictures from Unawatuna

Pre and post Tsunami videos

Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa had been looking really good a shortly before the Tsunami and many tourists had a fun time.

Watch the video

After the Tsunami a guest house owner had talked about the recovery of Unawatuna.

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photo Tsunami in Galle

Galle Road after the Tsunami

Wider parts of Galle had not been affected by the water, but by the chaos and shortages, which had followed as the aftermath of the Tsunami.

photo Tsunami in Galle
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Galle Road after the Tsunami

Galle Road had been in a very sad state for a while and camp fires had been the only lights for the first few days in an area, that was cut off from any direct supplies from the capital Colombo as the rails and the road had been interrupted at various points.

Galle Road after the Tsunami

photo Galle Road after the Tsunami

After the Tsunami not only the beach had looked sad. Also large sections along Galle Road had been a trail of horror with the smell of death in the air.





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