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IT Marketing and Web Design for Sri Lanka

More and more Sri Lanka Hotels, Guest Houses and businesses need reliable web hosting and a mobile friendly website with a good web design, what can be very expensive and difficult to find in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile the top ranks at Google and other search engines are only available for websites, that are mobile friendly while all other get pushed into the sandbox.

But nevertheless, browsing Sri Lankan Hotel and Guest House webpages shows, that most owners don't want to participate in the now constant increase in Sri Lankan Tourism, which has brought in 2014 over 1,2 million visitors to Sri Lanka.

Most have them have made their booking online and many also at our websites.

Websites for Hotels and Guest Houses

Since many year we have been providing affordable websites and quality web hosting at steady rates for many International and also Sri Lankan clients.

For sure we can also make your website Google friendly by adding a responsive web design, which will make your website look good on mobile phones and HD TV at the same time.

Just click here to ask Google if they like your website or not.

If Google says no, the ranking of your website will go down more every day and your booking inquiries will slowly fade out.

In case you will want your website go up again, you may want to CONTACT US here for a fast and good solution at very decent rates.


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Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Have a look at one of the most famous beaches in Sri Lanka

Web hosting for Sri Lanka

While some of the Sri Lankan web hosting firm are charging around $5 per month like the big American web hosting companies are much more competitive.

FatCow is currently the most impressive web hosting deal on the Internet with fast servers, a great panel and some very capable live support.

With it come free advertising budgets worth $100 at Google, $50 at facebook and $25 at Yahoo.

HostMonster is also a fine Web Host offering unlimited web space, unlimited traffic, mail accounts, SSH, cpanel, video and audio hosting for unlimited domains.

Top shelve but still cheap reseller web hosting is offered at with a perfect cpanel for unlimited domains. Fully sufficient are 1 Terrabyte Traffic and the 50 GB web space

All 3 providers have been thoroughly tested and they deserve to be recommended.

In fact, has been successfully providing many Hotels and Guest Houses in Sri Lanka with affordable web design and web hosting services since 2004 including video productions and search engine optimization, marketing and consultancy.

Please ask for free consulting and a quote HERE

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